One of the UK’s largest independent cardboard box manufacturers
Proudly Independent
About us
Operate our own transport fleet, delivering packaging nationwide
Proudly Independent
About us
All our products are 100% Recyclable and compostable
Proudly Independent
About us
Creating a climate of excellence whilst protecting our environment
Proudly Independent
About us

Welcome to Sheard
Who we are...

Sheard Packaging are manufacturers of corrugated cases and one of the few remaining independently owned box plants in the UK.

Located in Halifax on a site covering 37,000 m2 with a turnover in the excess of £60m, Sheard are the largest sheet plant in the UK. Significant continual investment has allowed us to be at the leading edge with our corrugated conversion equipment.

Our Process

Our People

Wayne Oswin

Vicky Everett

Tony Firth

Stephen Carroll

Stacey Broadley

Roger Whittaker

Rob Armitage

Richard Woodrow

Przemyslaw Rogalski

Michael Moles