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5 Things to Think about When Choosing your Packaging Manufacturer in 2023

When choosing your packaging manufacturer, what do you look for? Do you consider a company’s experience? Value for money? Their commitment to sustainability? Read our guide on the five things to think about when choosing your packaging manufacturer in 2023 and avoid going for unreliable and unethical manufacturers and suppliers!
Read our guide on the five things to think about when choosing your packaging manufacturer in 2023 and avoid going for unreliable and unethical manufacturers and suppliers!


1.      How much industry experience does the packaging manufacturer have?

Experience is an important thing to think about when it comes to choosing a reliable packaging manufacturer. With experience comes industry knowledge and capability, such as:

  • Knowledge of trends and annual peak periods
  • A great customer service track record
  • The ability to provide well thought out recommendations
  • An understanding of different customer needs and approaches to business
  • A thorough awareness of challenges within not only the packaging industry, but also supply chains, logistics and relevant sectors

Sheard Packaging was founded in 1860, and so our experience speaks volumes about the level and quality of service we provide, seeing as though we’ve been going for so long! As a packaging manufacturer we work with brands all over the UK, meaning that we can understand the needs of all of our wide ranging customers and recommend effective solutions to the challenges they might face. Any packaging manufacturer you choose should have a great track record so you know you can trust them and the quality of their products.


2.      Do they make high quality packaging products?

This one is a simple yes or no type of question, but an absolute essential- does your prospective packaging manufacturer make high quality, great value for money product packaging? If the answer is no, then find somebody else! The most basic function of product packaging is to get an item from A to B, intact- and it should be affordable!

Many companies will use buzzwords, such as ‘high performing’ and ‘great quality’ when describing their corrugated packaging products, but what good is this if there is nothing to back up their claims?

At Sheard Packaging, we are transparent about the quality control processes that go into making our packaging durable and of an excellent quality, including our certifications, accreditations and latest innovative technologies. We are:


3.      What is their range like and do they manufacture custom packaging?

Did you know that 30% of businesses report an increase in revenue when they improve their product packaging? Ensure that your packaging manufacturer makes the products that your business requires, whether that be generic corrugated boxes or bespoke cartons and branded shelf ready packaging.

It’s even better if you can be actively involved in the design process, and we encourage our customers to let us know exactly the type of design they’re going for so we can get it spot on. From standard products to those that show off your unique brand identity, we do it all at Sheard Packaging, hassle-free!


4.      Are they an environmentally sustainable packaging manufacturer?

As the need for more sustainable packaging solutions increases, so does ‘greenwashing’ across companies. This is where businesses will label their products as eco-friendly or sustainable without actually doing anything to improve their environmental sustainability methods and carbon footprint. We like to be fully transparent at Sheard Packaging and believe that every packaging manufacturer should be too. So what can you do to find out whether your packaging manufacturer is really as sustainable as they claim to be?

  • Check for accreditations and certifications
  • See if they have an achievable sustainability plan in place to reduce waste and improve their credentials

Our commitments as a sustainable packaging manufacturer

We take our responsibilities to producing sustainable packaging very seriously at Sheard Packaging and are ISO 14001:2015, BRCGS Packaging Materials Issue 6, and FSC-POL-O1-OO4 compliant. Take a look at our sustainability page to find out more about our commitment to biodiversity.


5.      Can they keep up with demand?

When choosing a packaging manufacturer, factor in whether they’ll be able to keep up with demand. It’s one thing offering beautiful, custom packaging, but the real question is whether they have the capacity to deliver. A good example to illustrate this point is the FMCG sector which, as the largest manufacturing sector in the UK, accounts for 14% of all manufacturing. If you’re in the FMCG sector, are you confident that your choice of packaging manufacturer is up to the job?

Our site covers a total of 37,000 sqm and with 24/7 manufacturing capacity we can process more than 150,000,000 sqm of corrugated board every year!


At Sheard Packaging, we offer a whole range of services as a reputable and long-standing packaging manufacturer, from custom designing to high quality standard corrugated boxes. To find out more about how we can help your business fulfil its product packaging requirements, please get in contact with our friendly team on 01422 373649 or [email protected] , or fill out our contact form.