Packaging Innovation: Value Engineering, Optimisation and Supply Chains

What is value engineering? Value engineering is a systematic approach to reducing costs, without compromising quality and function. However, there is an entire process that goes into value engineering, in order to ensure that the outcomes are what businesses, consumers and supply chains need. After all, value engineering needs to offer just that: value. The […]

Reusable Vs Recyclable Packaging: A Summary of the FEFCO Report and What It Means For Businesses and Supply Chains In 2023

graphic of recycling symbol and pallets

FEFCO report results   FEFCO’S report indicates that recyclable corrugated packaging consistently performs better than plastic reusable packaging   This performance is measured in terms of the impact on climate change based on the following Environmental Footprint Impact categories: Biogenic climate change The eco-toxicity of freshwater The eutrophication of freshwater Cancer-related human toxicity Non-cancer related […]