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Supply Chain solution delivering Commercial and Sustainability benefits

Sheard were recently approached by one of our key partners and asked to convert a high volume, conventional 0201, taped top and bottom box to an 0711, crash lock base, taped top. The reason for the change was to improve line speeds in an ever-difficult labour market. Rather than increase box cost by going to a 2 pass, diecut, MPG design, Sheard reviewed the pack and offered a machine erect alternative, supported by the installation of a Lantech C1000 Modular Case Erector.
The Value Engineering Project enabled a material reduction, through gapping flaps, of 24,000 M2 of material per annum and 16.5 tonnes of corrugated container board per annum; this also delivered a sustainability improvement of some 5.4 tonnes of CO2. Whilst the top flaps remain taped the base would be hotmelt sealed through the case erector, additionally removing 500,000 meters, 947kg’s or £2590 of tape!

The labour savings through Case Erector installation were estimated at over 3,300 operative hours per annum, allowing existing labour to be redeployed and fill essential gaps in production.

The Case Erector was offered with zero capital outlay and linked to box prices and box volume over a 3-year period, the additional cost being offset almost entirely by the corrugated material and tape reductions