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Circular Economy

Creating a circular economy isn’t just about providing sustainable solutions for businesses, but also educating future generations about the environment and the great outdoors.
We were recently able to help a local primary school improve their existing outdoor space to create a dual-function garden for students. Known as the ‘Secret Garden’, this small patch of land had become overgrown and unkempt. With the help of a few gardeners, we were able to help bring it back under control, replant, and create both a learning environment for the children and a memorial garden for past students and teachers.

We can’t wait to see how this garden continues to grow in the coming years! Take a look below at the before and after!

we take our environmental
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We strive to ensure our entire supply chain is as sustainable as possible, beginning with the use of fully FSC®-certified materials for our products and concluding with our fuel-efficient transport fleet, supporting the Circular Economy, and helping our customers meet their environmental goals.




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