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Machine Systems and Automation in the Packaging Industry

A key buzzword you’ll undoubtedly be seeing across B2B social channels since the start of 2023 is ‘automation’. The reality is, however, that the packaging industry has had its eye on automation for decades now. Automation is not new within the world of packaging, but it is an ever-vital piece of the packaging puzzle, benefitting from continued investments and subsequent optimisations.

What machine systems are currently on offer here at Sheard Packaging, and what benefits might they offer to the FMCG, industrial and e-commerce sectors?
What are the benefits of automated packaging systems?
1. Precision and quality control
2. Less packaging wastage
3. Maximises output
4. Versatility in applications
5. Lower risk of injury, i.e. with the use of machine stretch wrappers
6. Value-optimised in terms of cost and efficiency
7. Labour efficiencies
8. Provides specialised training opportunities and upskilling

What types of packaging machines systems do we supply?

Case erectors & Sealers

Did you know, our case erectors can put together up to 25 cases per minute?! Case erectors are your go-to if you’re in need of an automated system which will form consistent and perfectly square cases. Alongside the reliability offered by the machine solution, the size specifications can easily be adjusted by the machine operator, providing excellent value for money and making switch-overs quick and simple to manage.

Case sealers are an essential for speeding up your packaging process, while offering flexibility in the medium of seal used; our options cover both tape and hot melt applications. Using a case sealer machine ensures that the rate of sealing can keep up with the automated case erecting and packing lines, smoothing out the whole process, as well as minimising material wastage.

Tray erectors & lid applicators

Tray erectors are used primarily by our shelf ready and FMCG customers. Flat sheet blanks are fed into this machine and these are quickly folded into trays, with precision. As we mentioned in the list of benefits earlier on, an automated packaging system, such as a tray erector or a lid applicator, offers a level of quality which is unrivalled- something which is a no-brainer where shelf-ready packaging is concerned.

Much like the versatile sizing features of case erectors, tray erectors can be easily adapted for display trays, low wall trays, high wall trays, two piece packaging, and more!


Full Packing lines

Whichever industry you’re in, your packaging lines can always be optimised, and many solutions exist out there. However, at Sheard Packaging, we guarantee to always offer a solution which will confidently meet your individual needs, whether that means suggesting a single station machine, or pointing you towards a more complex solution involving robot picker and placers, spiders, collation and bespoke conveyor solutions.

For example, if your business needs to regularly package a high volume of shelf-ready goods, but the types of goods themselves vary, our complex automation solutions can ensure that both cartons and pouches can be processed on your packaging lines.


The ultimate aim when it comes to packing line automation is to maximise output, boost productivity, and improve efficiency, particularly within the context of high-volume demand.

Palletisers & Stretch Wrappers

Palletisers and stretch wrappers are another category of packaging machine system we supply, with the aim of optimising your packaging processes. Essentially, palletisers move packaged goods onto the pallet itself, while stretch wrappers wrap the goods and the pallet, ready for transport; this is the final step of the packaging process.

Automated robot palletisers and stretch wrappers keep the quality of your presentation consistent, ensuring that the same level of precision is maintained into the final step of the process. Outbound goods are securely, quickly and safely presented for transportation and businesses can rest assured that the quality is never amiss.

Bespoke options, too, are available within our palletising range, and our stretch wrappers are suited to wrapping all manner of loads, including tall and fragile loads, making them very well suited to the industrial and furniture sectors.

How can Sheard Packaging help your business with packaging automation?

At Sheard Packaging, we’re dedicated to providing value-optimised automation for your business, no matter which sector you are in. Whether you’re looking for an updated, state-of-the-art packing line or a versatile tray erector, we’re here to help. Bespoke solutions are also available, so please get in contact to see how we can assist you in your search for the right machine systems for your business.

Please fill out a contact form, or call us on today on 01422 373649, and we’ll get back to you promptly!