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Our Industry-leading, innovative Design Team

The past two years have seen many fantastic and innovative changes here at Sheard, with perhaps one of the most impactful being the development of our design offering. Previously known as “CAD”, the team consisted of two Designers and a sample table, servicing the basic requirements of a corrugated plant. Since then, we have developed into one of the most rounded, well-equipped and heavily invested Design Teams in the industry, leading the drive in supply chain Value Optimisation and Carbon Emission savings as part of our B Corp journey.
Here at Sheard, we are always investing and innovating to provide the very best for our customers. To push the envelope of the Sheard offering we have employed Drew Broughton as Head of Technical & Innovation, to enhance the customer offering and drive value through a Technical and Design department aligned to the sales and business strategy. We have developed an industry-leading Value Optimisation programme that measures, delivers and clearly illustrates savings, both £’s and Co2, throughout the entire life cycle of the box, as well as establishing a Machine Systems Division to provide full end-of-line solutions, from simple case erectors to full robotic packing lines.

To support all this, investment has been made to transform the design office into the Innovation & Design Centre (iDC), with an upgraded Zünd CAD table, fully functioning lab offering BCT and ECT testing, 6 additional Kasemake licences, full Adobe Creative Suite for art working, and Auto-CAD for mapping out customer production lines and potential automation solutions. Customer and virtual meeting rooms complete the offering to encourage customers to bring products and collaborate with the team to thrash out solutions together. 

design team mobile innovation centre

Finally, recognising the power of the iDC, we have invested in the Mobile Innovation Centre (MiC), a 40-foot, expandable trailer that brings all of the above direct to our customer’s site. Equipped with a 2nd bespoke Zünd cutting table, full testing facilities and machinery demo units, we can now bring our industry-leading Design Team and all of their tools, direct to the customer. Jamie Earley, another valued addition to the team with more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, conducts proceedings with our customers. 

To find out more about MiC and what it can do for you, read our previous article – https://sheard.co.uk/sheard-to-you/ 

Our collaborative and revolutionary approach is delivering tangible results with our customers, supporting not only our, but their strategy, in targeting unnecessary cost and waste throughout the supply chain. It differentiates the Sheard offering from the crowd of other packaging companies and truly breaks new ground in corrugated solutions.

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