Our Products


Retail Ready Packaging &
Shelf Ready Packaging

With our state-of-the-art conversion equipment, we can offer customers many styles and designs to suit their requirements from the most basic one colour print, to a seven-colour high quality post print (HQPP) corrugated case.

Research shows that up to 80% of shopper decisions are made at the point of purchase. Marketers see a massive opportunity to integrate SRP and RRP designs into their sales mix, this promotes the brand effectively at the point of purchase, with a view to increasing sales. Typical results from using RRP designs include:

  • Good merchandising
  • Better availability (easy to see if product is running low)
  • Brand promotion
  • More stock and ranges on the shelf
  • Fast replenishment

Machine Erect Cases

With a wealth of knowledge in this area we can offer varied solutions to our customers. Whether the project is at its inception whereby we would assist the customer in finding a case packer fit for their purpose, or we analyse the current situation if a case packer already exists and find ways of subtly making the corrugated cases run more efficiently down the line. Predominantly these are Diecut Cases going into the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market where precision diecutting is required, with very little size tolerance. We have three high performing diecutters that can fulfil this requirement.

Standard Cases

Regular Slotted Containers (RSCs) are used in a multitude of situations; they are extremely versatile yet simple in construction. RSCs are the most commonly used cardboard case and are usually plain brown or printed in one colour. Whether your product is small and light, or large and heavy, there will be a sustainable packaging solution we can offer you.

Crash Lock Cases

These are extremely versatile boxes that are usually used in an operation where speed of packing is critical, like on a production line. Crash-lock boxes can be quickly and easily be assembled into the finished box with minimal assembly. This ensures that, for the end user, many crash lock boxes can be assembled quickly, consistently and reliably. We have introduced these to many customers which has resulted in improved efficiencies and reduced labour costs.

Benefits of Crash Lock Boxes

  • Very easy to assemble, reducing time
  • As strong as a standard case
  • Reduces the requirement to tape or glue
  • Can be used in most corrugated grades of board, but most commonly used in E Flute, M Flute and B Flute
  • Used across all industries

Four Corner Glued Trays

Four corner glued trays have a large variety of applications, they are used in many sectors including food, drink and pharmaceutical. They can be folded flat for shipping, can be sturdy of structure which makes them ideal for heavier products.

Benefits of Four Corner Glued Trays

  • Reduced labour, very quick to erect
  • Suitable for manual packing
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Reduced packaging costs