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Machine Erect Solutions

Our bespoke machine erect cases and blanks are designed to make even the most complex of packaging solutions quick and easy to assemble on your packing lines. Whether small or large, delicate or robust, we can produce tailor-made designs to suit whatever products you need packaging.

An efficient method used by many companies in a number of FMCG industries, our machine erect solutions are delivered ready to be loaded directly into your case erecting machinery, ensuring minimal downtime on your production lines.

Using the expertise of the designers in our Innovation & Design Centre, we can produce packaging that is not only bespoke in branding and print, but also in size, shape and configuration. We collaborate with every customer to ensure everything we manufacture suits the exact needs of their packing lines and existing machinery, while also offering expert advice from our technical team on New Machine Systems.

If you’d be interested in working with the Sheard Packaging team to create bespoke machine erect solutions that meet your packaging needs, get in touch today.