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Crash Lock / Hand erected cases

Due to their versatile nature, crash lock boxes are used across all industries but are particularly valued where high-speed packaging is crucial on the production line. At Sheard, we have introduced these multi-point glued cases to many of our customers’ processes, resulting in improved efficiencies and improved packing time.

Crash lock boxes can be quickly and easily assembled by hand, ensuring that they can be put together quickly, consistently, and reliably on the packing lines. Other benefits that make these cases so popular are their comparable strength to standard boxes, and the versatility of corrugated grades available to customers.

We pride ourselves on the flexibility and versatility of the packaging we produce, and with multi-point glued cases we can provide a solution that meets the exact requirements of each and every customer, no matter how complex, robust, or delicate their products may be.

To discuss the option of improving your packing speeds with our crash lock cases, please contact our team, who will be more than happy to help you in meeting your requirements.