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Sheard’s new Purpose, Vision and Mission.

After many months of conversations and thought from all of Team Sheard, we are excited to finally publish our Purpose, Vision and Mission.
It’s important for us as a family-owned independent business to stay grounded in these times of growth and development. A big part of that is having a clear idea of who we are and what we want to achieve, both inside and outside of our business. We feel that this Purpose, Vision and Mission statement does just that.

Firstly, Our Purpose. To create a legacy of opportunity with family values at our heart.

Secondly, Our Vision. We are an inspiring place to work, igniting change in the packaging industry.

Finally, Our Mission. Empowering our people to evolve, innovate and create.

This has come from the heart of our business and reflects Team Sheard in both our business operations and our people.