Value Engineering

Every corrugated packaging solution we produce at Sheard is designed with value in mind. While a product may look good, it is ultimately of little use if it doesn’t provide the utmost value to the customer.

Making use of the technical capabilities in our Innovation and Design Centre, and the expertise of our NPD and design teams, value engineering runs through every one of our projects. At every stage, from the supply chain partners we work with to the manufacturing methods we use, we challenge the norm and aim to  deliver the best solution possible.

As an independent box manufacturer, we are able to make decisions very quickly and provide our customers with the flexibility they need. This allows us to adapt and evolve to meet changing demands, improving our services without increasing costs.

Learn more about our Technical NPD Team or get in touch for more information about our Value Engineering.

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we take our environmental
responsibilities seriously
to give you peace of mind

We strive to ensure our entire supply chain is as sustainable as possible, beginning with the use of fully FSC®-certified materials for our products and concluding with our fuel-efficient transport fleet, supporting the Circular Economy, and helping our customers meet their environmental goals.