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Sheard to You – Introducing our Mobile Innovation Centre (MiC)

Sheard Packaging, the UK’s leading independent corrugated solutions provider, is delighted to introduce our latest innovation, our Mobile Innovation Centre (MiC). A leap into the future and a look over the horizon of corrugated packaging, MiC revolutionises the way we collaborate to create the right solution for you whilst delivering unrivalled speed to market.

The problem facing many corrugated suppliers is getting clients out of their business to visit our site to make the most of our design and innovation facilities – trying to get all parties is proving ever more difficult in today’s busy world. Therefore, why not take our facilities to you, the customer, instead?
And so the idea of ‘Sheard To You’ was born; we needed a way to exhibit some of our machine systems offerings in person, and as CEO Roger Whittaker suggested, “What if we put a demo unit on the back of a trailer and take it to customers?” What was at the time a passing comment, has evolved into reality, setting a new, unprecedented standard for the corrugated industry.

Sheard's Mobile Innovation Centre

MiC is a 40-foot trailer, with expandable sides – typically used by Hollywood and Formula One Teams – providing a 60 square metre workspace. Glazed floor to ceiling to provide a light and airy environment, self-sufficient with 3-phase power and an independent air plant, heating and air conditioning, a modern fit out of fixtures, furniture, and the latest interactive tech completed by industry events space experts Equinox, has delivered a professional, relaxing, and bright environment to host our customers, with the added convenience of being on location at their own sites.

Onboard we have replicated all the essential services that are available back at base. MiC hosts our Mobile Innovation & Design Centre which consists of everything from Kasemake CAD systems for structural design, to Adobe Creative Cloud for artwork and Graphics. This is supported by a fully functional lab, with BCT and ECT testing capabilities and a world first from Zünd – their most modern, small format cutting table, with a rolling bed and camera system. The unique element to this table is a bespoke engineered cradle, designed and fabricated by Zünd, to lift the table on air cushions during transit.

“Zünd UK were privileged to work with a forward-thinking company like Sheard Packaging on this unique concept,” says Gaj Jeevanandan, Marketing Manager of Zünd UK. The Mobile Innovation Centre is truly outside-of-the-box thinking from Sheard Packaging and a project we enjoyed very much. Having a Zünd Digital Cutter on a moving object has never been done before, so when the team at Sheard Packaging proposed the idea to us, we were very keen to get started.”

All this means that we can bring our Technical and Design Teams to you, along with a space and tools to tackle any problems, implement changes immediately and test new designs. This significantly speeds up time to market as it cuts down the endless back and forth of samples and designs, and instead we can get the same job done – with excellent results – in just a few hours.

MiC and its facilities also provide the perfect opportunity to explore Value Optimisation opportunities. These can be within the box design themselves as well as pallet fill, transport, and material costs. Again, we can consider all these factors and test their impacts onboard MiC with our fantastic technical team making live changes to forecast and illustrate both commercial and Co2 savings. Onboarding of newly won volume is now streamlined, with the customer very much part of the sign off and approval process, quickly, accurately and without the usual fuss.

Back to the original point of MiC, we can also bring to you a live demonstration of our Machine Systems offerings. Onboard we have a Lantech CS300 Case Sealer and Lantech CI-1000 Case Erector, so we can demo the customer’s own boxes and product when considering automation and its impact on Value Optimisation, on a fully functional end of line system.  Mike Irving, International Sales Manager UK & Ireland, for Lantech, had this to say, “Great things happen when companies with complimentary expertise and shared values come together in partnership.  Our shared commitment to quality and innovation ensures that this partnership will be a game changer in the corrugated packaging industry. We are really excited to embark on this journey together.”

Inside the Mobile Innovation Centre, looking at the Lantech Case Erector

This is a bold and brave innovation, investing significantly to improve our offering and enhance our customer’s experience. There are so many applications and benefits to using MiC for every business. MiC is now on the road and slots are booking up fast – we cannot wait to visit you and explore this ever-evolving industry as partners.  If you are still wondering how MiC might benefit your business, Drew Broughton, Head of Technical & Innovation at Sheard Packaging, had this to say:

Whether it’s a full packaging review, on-boarding of new business, or a major NPD project, MiC will give our customers an unrivalled service and an unprecedented speed to market.  Combine this with joint retailer visits, training, automation demos and our industry leading Value Optimisation Programme, there are no limits as to the use and value that this platform can provide; both to existing customers and potential new business partners alike.”

We truly believe that MiC is an industry-first, a game changer, a genuine innovation that radically changes the way we do business, positioning Sheard Packaging as the leading independent corrugated manufacturer in the UK.

To discuss how MiC might benefit your business, get in touch with our Technical Team today. Contact [email protected] or give us a call on 01422 373 649.