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We strive to ensure our entire supply chain is as sustainable as possible, beginning with the use of fully FSC®-certified materials for our products and concluding with our fuel-efficient transport fleet, supporting the Circular Economy, and helping our customers meet their environmental goals.

We’re delighted to share our first-ever Impact Report.

As a company, our purpose is to create a legacy of opportunities with family values at our heart. We believe that addressing our social and environmental impacts has a pivotal role in helping us achieve this. Transparency is important to us, so we are publishing our social and environmental impacts as a business, as well as what we plan to focus on for future improvements for our year ahead!

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we take our environmental
responsibilities seriously
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Here at Sheard, we really understand the importance of employee wellbeing. We want all of our employees to feel valued and appreciated so that they can continue to produce the best possible work for our customers.

Our latest investment project focusing on employee wellbeing has been the development of our new canteen. Welcome to The Loft. After months of planning and refurbishment we have created a relaxing place where our employees can catch up, grab some lunch, or simply relax and recharge.