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We are delighted to present our latest, industry leading creation, the Mobile Innovation Centre. On board we can give you a taster of our vast Machine Systems offerings with a demo of our Lantech Case Erector and Sealer. Our fantastic Innovation and Design Centre can now come to you on board MiC, armed with a fully functional design studio, a Zünd cutting table and a full testing laboratory. MiC is a leap into the future of corrugated packaging, reducing time to market by bringing MiC to you, as well as truly optimising the value of your business with our experienced VO Team onboard.

There are a vast number of reasons to bring MiC to your business; we can discuss your needs and work out where we, or even your current supplier, could improve. We can immediately implement these changes, cut samples, and even test them using our full testing laboratory to ensure that they will work for you – guaranteeing that speed does not sacrifice quality designs. From here we can discuss how Machine Systems may be beneficial to your business. Using our Lantech CS300 Case Sealer and Lantech CI-1000 Case Erector, we can demo your own boxes when considering automation.

All of this is assessed by our Value Engineering analysis of your business, considering how design, shelf fit, automation, warehousing, logistics, and many other factors may be adapted to truly optimise the value of your business.