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We are B-Coming a B Corp!

We are proud and delighted to announce that we are working towards becoming a certified B Corp.

What is B Corp?

B Corp is a global certification which measures businesses that meet high standards of social and
environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

B Corps are certified to be better businesses for their workers, communities, and the environment.

B Corps come in all shapes, sizes and sectors and they demonstrate that there’s always an
opportunity to use business as a ‘force for good’.

B-elieving in B Corp

B Corp is not just a certificate it’s a social movement – it is creating a global shift in the way
businesses operate. We believe becoming a B Corp will support our vision of igniting change in the
packaging industry and be the driving force in supporting us to become a better business.

With a rigorous assessment which measures our performance across the five key pillars:
Community, Workers, Environment, Government and Customers. It will hold us accountable to our
commitments and, combined with its continuous improvement ethos, it will continually measure our
progress across each of these areas. It will act as our critical friend: helping us celebrate the good we
already do and identify opportunities where we can be even better!

It is no longer good enough to ‘just keep doing business as usual’, we are changing the way we think,
challenging our decision making and ensuring that we take on a more impactful path.

We have set ourselves the ambitious goal of being B-Corp certified by the end of 2023!

Read more on the B Corp movement here: https://bcorporation.uk/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAgaGgBhC8ARIsAAAyLfFUS5EkYVZFijzH1KsGwFGuqCrpEAkX mI5I_r1BXTmfmaI5jak2uoYaAhTXEALw_wcB