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Sheard Packaging, Halifax


Sheard Packaging, Halifax

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Our Innovation and Design Centre (iDC) is where every project begins, from new product development to packaging reviews and value engineering. This custom-built design facility is just the latest in a long history of investments at Sheard to help our customers get the most value out of their packaging products.

The iDC has allowed us to increase our existing design capabilities through the addition of a Zünd digital cutting table and a full upgrade of our design software. Here, our team of designers and NPD team can produce creative, innovative, and imaginative packaging whilst still meeting efficiency and sustainability goals.

This is also where we carry out our customer training days and ‘It’s Only A Box’ courses, sharing our knowledge and expertise to provide increased value for every product. We also provide creative workshops for visiting groups and schools to give them an inside look at careers in manufacturing and teach them about sustainable materials.


Key Responsibilities

•. The machine operator has full responsibility for the overall operation of the machine and you will support him / her during the day to day running of activities.

•. You must pro-actively help the machine operator during the setup of jobs.

•. You will take part in the weekly maintaining of the machine you are assigned to once full training has been given.

•. You must ensure every pallet is checked for quality issues.

•. As a feeder you must ensure all flat sheet board fed into the machine meets customer expectations.

•. The material must be fed into the machine in the correct direction.

•. Communicate with other team members regarding any issues in a timely and clear manner.

•. Assist other team members to achieve production targets.

•. As a palletiser you are the last person to see the finished product before it is palletised for dispatch, attention to detail and good communication skills are essential.

•. As a palletiser it is your responsibility to ensure the order specific palletisation instructions are followed for each and every order. You will put pallet labels on the pallets and must make sure you fully understand the labels and are able to check them against the works order to ensure the correct label is applied to the corresponding pallet.

Skills Required

•. Good written and verbal communication skills

•. Ability to organise and prioritise

•. Ability to communicate effectively within the scope of the role

•. A good understanding of manufacturing processes and procedures

•. Experience of working on machines

•. Understand good Health & Safety practices


we take our environmental
responsibilities seriously
to give you peace of mind

We strive to ensure our entire supply chain is as sustainable as possible, beginning with the use of fully FSC®-certified materials for our products and concluding with our fuel-efficient transport fleet, supporting the Circular Economy, and helping our customers meet their environmental goals.

West Vale Academy’s Year 6 visit

We recently had a visit from West Vale Academy’s Year 6 class to teach them all about the diverse career opportunities in manufacturing and the importance of cardboard as a sustainable material. Starting the day with a visit to our iDC department, the students were able to get creative with some cardboard-based challenges, before being given a guided tour of our factory site.
Thanks Class 6 for being so enthusiastic! We hope you enjoyed your visit as much as we enjoyed having you!